General terms and conditions


The contract stipulated between the Customer and SMI MODA (hereby indicated as "Party Look" or "PL") is finalized with the acceptance of the order from Party Look, even if only for a part of the articles ordered by the Customer. Such acceptance can also occur in a tacit way. The Confirmation of Order issued automatically by the system is a receipt of the Customer's inquiry and is not valid as an order acceptance by Party Look.

In the case the order is not confirmed, Party Look will give timely communication to the Customer through email. The order is intended confirmed if the Customer does not receive an explicit order cancellation by Party Look within 72 hours from the receival of the payment by PartyLook.

With the execution of the order, the Customer declares to have read and to integrally accept the General Conditions of Sale described herebelow.

The Customer is kept to verify the correctness of the information contained in the Confirmation of Order and to timely communicate any correction to the Contact Us address on the site.

Party Look is excluded from any liability for direct or indirect damages to people and/or things, due to the lack of confirmation, also partial, of an order. The Customer is not entitled to any reimbursement due to the lack of confirmation, even partial, of an order. 

Party Look reserves the right to modify the prices of its articles in any moment;  however, the price owed by the Buyer will be the one in effect at the time when the order is logged into the system ( to book the availability of the product).


Party Look accepts the following payment modes:

A) Paypal

B) Credit card or Postepay through the Multisafepay circuit

C) Cash On Delivery

D) Ricarica (Recharge) on the Postepay Card of Party Look

E) Bank Wire Transfer in advance

F) Payment to Party Look’s account at Poste Italiane (Italian Mail) by Postal Bulletin (Bollettino Postale)

Party Look is never able, at any moment of the procedure of purchase, to know the information related to the credit card of the Buyer, that is directly transmitted through a secure connection to the site of the banking institute that manages the transaction. No computer file of PartyLook will preserve such data. In no case Party Look can then be held responsible for possible fraudulent and undue use of credit cards from third parties, related to the payment of purchased products.

In the case that the Customer chooses to make the payment by the options #D, #E or #F, the payment must be made within the 5 following working days from the order. The Customer is required to send a copy of the proof of payment via email to: Party Look will keep the article available for the  Customer for 5 working days after the order and will ship the article only upon receipt of the payment or of the proof of payment.



Party Look does not apply any surcharge for the payment of the order by Paypal.

Starting from March 5 2020, in case of refunds made by the Seller to the Buyer, Paypal does not refund the Seller any more for the fees that the Seller originally paid to receive the payment of order.

Consequently, for all orders paid by Paypal, Party Look in case of returns or any other kind of refund will detract the fees paid to Paypal from the refund due to the Buyer.

Before paying a new order by Paypal, you can ask Party Look's customer assistance to know the exact amount of Paypal fees that are not eligible for refund.

Bank Wire Transfer: bank account details will be sent with the Order Confirmation. The payment must be effected within 5 working days from the order.  The Customer must inform Party Look of the payment via e-mail to the address including:

- the Customer’s Name and Surname  - the number of the order.

Postal bulletin: postal account details will be sent with the Order Confirmation. The payment must be effected within 5 working days from the order.  The Customer must inform Party Look of the payment via e-mail to the address including:

- the Customer’s Name and Surname  - the number of the order.

Ricarica on Party Look’s Postepay Card : The details of the PostePay Card on which to effect the payment will be sent with the Order Confirmation. The payment must be effected within 5 working days from the order.  The Customer must inform Party Look of the payment via e-mail to the address including:

-  the date, the time and the postal office where the payment was made  - the Customer’s Name and Surname  - the number of the order.

This communication from the Customer is necessary as proof of payment.


For the orders with down payment, (with Credit card or Paypal) the Buyer can cancel the order within 2 hours by sending an email to If the Buyer abdicates the purchase after the consignment has been effected, it is subject to the payment of shipping and handling costs.


In the case that the payment and/or the proof of payment are not received by the terms stated above, Party Look will cancel the order unless previously agreed otherwise with the Customer. Order cancellations will be communicated by email.


The purchase order is deemed to be fulfilled by the consignment of the goods to the courier.

For items that are immediately available from stock, Party Look ships the package after the receipt of the payment (for payment with Credit cards or with Paypal), or after the order confirmation (for Cash On Delivery), or after the receipt of the proof of payment (for other payment modes).

Delivery times are the courier’s responsibility and are not under the control of Party Look. Party Look is not liable for any damage or loss of the package occurred during shipment.

Unless previously agreed otherwise, the courier delivers the package at the ground floor of the shipping address.

Shipping costs are always borne by the Customer and are not reimbursable.


When the package is received, it is the Customer’s responsibility to check the following:

• that the number of packages received is the same as written on the Packing List;

• that the packaging is intact, not damaged, neither wet nor altered in any way, including the adhesive tape used to seal the package.

In the event of damages to the package and/or the goods, or the lack of some of the boxes, or any difference with the Packing List, the Customer is required to claim that immediately by writing a reserve note on the courier’s copy of the proof of delivery.

Either in the case of the above mentioned issues, or of other issues with the physical integrity, the correspondence or the completeness of the received products, the Customer is required to inform Party Look’s Customer Service by email at within 3 days from delivery.


Party Look’s policy for returns and substitutions:

- The Customer must communicate his/her request to return, or get a replacement for all or part of the received goods, by email to, and ship the return package back to Party Look within 14 days from the receipt of the goods.

 - Party Look will answer within 2 working days and reserves the right to propose alternative solutions for the best satisfaction of the Customer. In the case the Customer intends to proceed with the return or a substitution, Party Look will send timely instructions on how to ship the goods back.

- In any case the Customer must ship the return package within 14 days from the receipt of the goods, unless he/she has received different instructions from PartyLook. The postage stamp or courier receipt will be valid to state the shipment date. 

- If any of the above mentioned conditions for returns are not met, Party Look reserves the right to deny the reimbursement in part or in total.

- In the case that the Customer desires to change the article purchased with one of different size and/or  color, the Customer will have to return the article at her/his expenses, and will be subject to the payment of shipping and handling costs borne by Party Look for the replacement goods.

- If the return is due to defects of quality, recognized by Party Look, Party Look will pay all shipping and handling costs, unless agreed otherwise with the Customer.

Returns have to be shipped with regular mail (unless previously agreed otherwise with Customer Service) to the following address:


Via Pastore 40

20040 Carnate (MB)


The Customer has the right to recede from the contract of purchase for any motive, without necessity to provide explanations and without any penalty, subject to specific requirements as described herebelow. The decision to recede from the contract must be sent within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods.To exercise the right of recess, the Customer must send a communication via email to, clearly stating her/his intention to return the goods and receive a reimbursement. Alternatively, he/she can also send this communication via a Registered Letter with with notice of reception,  Such letter must be sent to


Via Pastore 40

20866 Carnate Italy

or by telegram always sent within the aforesaid term of 10 days, followed by a confirmation by Registered Letter with with notice of reception, sent within the 48 following hours.

Once received the aforesaid communication of recess, Party Look will communicate' quickly to the Customer the instructions on how to return the goods, that must be delivered to Party Look within 10 days from the authorization.

The right of recess is however subject to the following conditions:

•the purchased item must be intact and complete of all the original labels and of every other documentation related to it, and it must be returned in the original packaging. The article must be clean and free of any sign of wear or prolonged use. Gift packagings will also have to be returned intact. It has to be avoided to affix labels or adhesive ribbons or signs of writing on the original packaging of the product.

•by law, the shipping and handling costs related to the restitution of the good are at the expense of the Customer;

•the delivery, up to receipt to Party Look’s address, is under the complete responsibility of the Customer in case of damage of the good during the transport, Party Look will give communication to the Customer (within 5 working days from the reception of the good in its store) to allow him to file a claim against the courier and to get the reimbursement of the value of the good (if assured); in this event, the product will be made available to the Customer, and at the same time the request of recess will be deemed cancelled. 

•Party Look doesn't accept any responsibility in any way for damages or theft / dismay of goods returned by non insured shipment.

•Subject to the above requirements, Party Look will refund within 7 days from the receipt of the returned goods, the value of the returned goods (shipping cost excluded). The reimbursement can be discounted by the value of packaging or gift box if they are not returned intact.

•  In the case that the goods have been paid with Paypal or with Credit card, the reimbursement  will always happen by the same way.   In the case that the article had been paid otherwise, the Customer ir requested to provide her/his bank details timely to enable Party Look to effect the reimbursement.

•If the Customer's order was subject to free or discounted shipping costs (as the order total was meeting the minimum amount required for such condition), and subsequently the Client practices the right of recess for a part or all the articles, an amount as contribution to shipping and handling costs originally borne by Party Look will be deducted from the the reimbursement for the Customer, unless the total price of the articles that the Customer has held back still meets the minimum threshold for free or discounted shipping. When applied, the deduction from the reimbursement will be equal to the shipping cost displayed on the site, for the shipping mode that was used for the original delivery, and in any case it will be not less than EUR 5.90 / 7.90 for shipments in Italy, and EUR 11,90 for shipments outside Italy.


Complaints must be sent by email to or by express mail to SMI MODA, Via Pastore 40, 20040 Carnate (MB), Italy.


The contract between the Customer and Party Look is considered finalized in Italy and subject to the Italian law.